New member of the XO Brass family!

I've been testing various trombones and different setups over my entire career.  This led me finally to XO Brass. The XO Brass trombones allow me to be as versatile as I have to be in my musical every day life.

The XO1632 - my main instrument - has developed into an extension of my own musical voice and lets me operate everything from big band, small band, salsa to brass section with great reliability.

For classical, symphonic and chamber music projects, I found the instrument of my choice in the XO1236. Although trombones with a large bore are usually unfamiliar to me, as I mainly play small bores, the 1236 does not feel like a large bore from the point of view of playing. At the same time, I don't miss anything in the sound result.

Finally, the XO1240 has become my bass trombone. As a tenor trombonist, the change to the 1240 is very easy for me. In general, I appreciate that the three XO trombones play very similar, which greatly simplifies regular switching between them.