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CD Veröffentlichung


  • CD Release


On the 9th of April, the wait is finally over! My first own CD “New Hope” will be released with the Label Mons Records and be available everywhere 


Check out the video below for some teasers of the new titles and pictures of the recording session last year.


Police Orchestra


In August 2017, I joined the “Polizeiorchester des Saarlandes” as first trombonist.








CD production with Jiggs Whigham


In April 2017, I will be recording my first individual CD.


With my quintet consisting of Tim Sammel (sax), Felix Hauptmann (p), Nicolai Amrehn (b), Kevin Nasshan (dr), and me (trb) – complemented by Veronika Morscher (voc) – I will re-record Jiggs Whigham’s album “Hope” from 1976. At the same time – and I am especially excited about this – Jiggs will be playing three of my own original pieces on the CD.


The recording will take place in the end of April at the Hansahaus Studios in Bonn with Nico Raschke.